Welcome to Christian's Web Page!! Cool HUH?? Here are some cool links.

Fantasy sports: Sweet Stuff
My Vikings Page: A really cool place
Polls: Take my polls!!
General pictures I have scanned onto the net: CHECK IT OUT.
My Classic Car Page: Cool Classic Cars seperated into Manufacturer Catagories
My Torino Site: Check out the page dedicated to the Ford Torino
My gay little cartoon page: One of the stupidest thigs you will see on the net
Guestbook: Sign my guestbook
Another one: A few of my favorites

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I will be working on a Limp Bizkit Page here soon but until that is done, you can visit their page.

A few thank yous.

There are a couple of people whom I would like to thank for helping me with my site. First off, I would like to thank a frind of mine, Tom Rogers, for making the image you see on the top of that page and info on html. Tom's Page

Second I would like to thank John Guajardo for showing me just about every thing I know about html, and for tons of hint to help my page. John's Page

Thirdly I have to thank James Kennedy for a couple of cool things on my page. (i.e. dont put your cursor here, do what the buttons say) James' Page

All these guys have really AWESOME pages.